Monday, August 6, 2007

Anchors Away

Well, it's started, we have a blog! Welcome. My Mom and I are knitting fiends, going slowly but surely from one project to the next. We've started this site as a place to share photos, consult each other about questions, and really, to talk about knitting.

I suppose a first post with glorious pictures would be appropriate, but I haven't finished anything since early Spring (hence the mention to going slowly but surely). But I'm nearly done with "Coquette" from Fitted Knits (Stefanie Japel). A cute little tube top I hope to be able to wear while it's still warm and humid here in Boston.

I've chosen to use the recommended yarn, Cascade Pima Cotton with tencel, in a navy color which is so so so wonderful. Soft, luscious, and has a nice sheen. My only problem with it so far is that it seems to pill, at least while knitting. I hope this doesn't continue while wearing. The yarn is also a great deal - $5 a skein, and $20 for the whole tube-ette. Fab. I'm wondering a bit about the pattern though, and if I ever get the urge to make it again I might make a few mods. But I'll wait for the FO (that's Finished Object, Ma) before casting judgment.

My other projects on the needles include a hat "Beaufort" that I found on Craftster It's coming along nicely but I got distracted by a sweater knitting class and, well, warmer weather.

In that sweater knitting class I started "Wicked" by the Zephyr Girls and I love it so far, but again it's just too hot. My goal is to finish the tube top, have one instant gratification project and then finish up that sweater and hat in time for fall. Phew. I better go and get knitting!
Okay Ma -- your turn, show off the bolero for me, please!

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